October 15, 2010

Eye Witness Zombie Anthology Review

Edited by T.W.Brown
May December Publications
Review Posted: 10/15/2010

Now before you say 'not another zombie anthology,' let me tell you this:
Eye Witness Zombie is an eclectic taste of brilliance. First we start off with the cover. I normally don't mention covers unless they are so striking or bring attention to the book; this one does. I mean nothing says eye witness like a news station, but not any news station but one filled with zombie reporters.

And the cover needs to be opened. Inside you have the 15 stories that will make you laugh, make you squirm and just feel your thoughts with delightful tales of zombies. There are even character drawings of each of the authors before they stories along with their signatures below it.

What makes this anthology so pleasing to read is it is not your typical end of the worlds scenario. It has well established characters, sometimes more sarcastic than most, but hey end of the world time here people, and amazing situations that you gasp out, laugh at and go wow at. Nothing says a good zombie anthology such as Eye Witness. Normally I would have a favorite story, but I loved them all.

This is a great anthology to pick up for Halloween or any time that you need to be reminded that zombies can be gory, but they can also be interesting, funny and out right dangerous.