February 28, 2011

Unbound and Other Tales by David Dunwoody Review

By David Dunwoody
Library of Horror Press
ISBN: 978-1451511581
Review by: Gina Desory
Review posted 02/28/2011

Unbound and Other Tales by David Dunwoody is a scary, yet thrilling ride of bizarre and chilling stories. The first story, Unbound, tells of Josh Talbot who works at a publishing company. His boss wants him to continue the research and possible continued writing of a certain series name Sharpe. What Talbot doesn't know is the background of the series and what horror comes from dealing with this book and the main character.

The other 8 stories in this collection range from clowns standing together forming a line and nobody able to move them in the story Clowns. More of frightening words in the story Ministry where grave riders ride graves and switch their souls with the dead buried below. In Voice, we learn just what it means to deal with what we think are our exs, but Steven deals with more than his ex-wife's voice.

What leaves the reader hanging is not having more of these glorious stories to feed on. My appetite is now wet with words from Dunwoody and a wanting for more more more!

As any fan of Horror will tell you, Dunwoody is a star and every story in this collection is is just pure amazing and a must read for a fan of his work and fans of the Horror genre.