March 1, 2011

The Church by John McCuaig Review

By John McCuaig
Library of the Living Dead Press
ISBN: 978-14538008214
Review posted 03/1/2011

Sam Miller had a nice life. A wonderful wife, two Jack and Katie who wish to immigrant to Australia and Sam watches them go. Then the worst happens. A flu strain unlike no other takes hold of everyone. It not only kills people, but ends up bringing them back. It takes Sam's wife Pamela. He watches her die. Soon later he hears noises and she is back eating their dog. Sam now wonders what he will do and if his own children are okay.

Soon the outbreak is worse and Sam needs to flee. He comes across a church and hears what he hopes are survivors, others like him. There is a Reverend and several others inside. But Sam soon discovers something is not right about this Reverend and the way things are handled in the church. Sam begins to wonder if the situation inside the church is just as bad or worse than the one outside with the undead.

McCuaig adds a special way of dealing with survival at the end of the world. He shows people in the most human condition ever told in a story. Faith, hope and what people long for in a crisis is shown here with eloquence.

The Church is an eye opener for people to look at certain others in a position of authority where faith takes priority, where fear of dying will make you do almost anything, listen to anyone, follow anyone.

The Church is a page-turner. It is not only entertaining, but mind-blowing. It is one that I know I will read over and over again.