March 2, 2011

Urban Gothic by Brian Keene Review

By Brian Keene
Deadite Press
Review posted 03/02/2011

A group of teenagers from the suburbs make their way into Philadelphia to attend a Hip Hop concert. After the concert is over, they get lost and end up in an area not too friendly. They come across what seems to be what they think a gang, who scare them a bit and they run into an abandoned house, but not just any house, a house that has been rumored to be haunted with evil things.

But rumors are sometimes based on fact and what the teenagers learn is something is lurking in that house, something bad that starts killing members of their small group one by one. Is it human, or is it something else and will they all survive through the night?

Keene takes us on a journey through one's most inner fears. Each terrorizing moment of the characters is felt as if we are playing a game where the vibration settings are on. The intensity of this story gives the sense of not wanting to go into areas of a city that is dark and that you have not been around before.

Before you go driving around and then stop, be sure to look around. You never know what could be lurking in the shadows and that's what Urban Gothic is warning us about and letting us get scared just thinking about it.