March 4, 2011

On the Verge of Madness by George Wilhite Review

By George Wilhite
Lulu Press
ISBN: 978-1435719651
Review by: Rob Walter
Review posted 03/04/2011

On the VERGE of Madness is the first collection of horror stories from George Wilhite published through and by Lulu Press dealing with the theme echoed in the title of characters teetering on the line between sanity and madness. Although he has been compared to Edgar Allen Poe and H. P. Lovecraft, and one can see those influences in his writing, there is also a unique voice to his work.

The stories range from the first extended short story of Victor Chaldean and the Portal to the two page short Cast of Characters. While two pages might not seem enough to tell a tale, the two pages of Cast of Characters is more than adequate to provide enough development and detail to understand and feel the gruesome details and identify with the main character and their actions. This is not the case of slash and hack horror, but more a psychological horror. Severed heads, hmm, now that is quite the idea for story development!

Overall I liked this collection of short stories and would recommend it to anyone interested in a slightly different “not just your standard horror story” collection.