March 5, 2011

Uncle Sam's Carnival of Copulating Inanimals by Kirk Jones Review

By Kirk Jones
Eraserhead Press
ISBN: 978-1936383252
Review posted 03/5/2011

Gary worked a an American Dollar store, a hardware supply store. It was his first occurrence with loosing an arm. Then he went to work at a textile factory where he lost his right leg. Soon afterwords he lost all of himself at another factory, dropping something called Rigenangent #32 that he ends up combining with, now Gary is nothing more than a blob of human flesh.

Then comes in Uncle Sam who says he has a job for Gary at his carnival. He can train what are called inanimals. Inanimals being furniture of all sorts that enjoy having sex with each other. But things turn for the worse as Uncle Sam has another agenda up his sleeve, which includes his shadows.

Bizarre, yet compelling as Jones takes the reader on a journey through finding what one's self means and what deep down inside you are really made of. Even the most innate object may have the feelings you often as a human take for granted. A must read for those who like the strange, yet thought provoking stories.