July 16, 2010

All of Yesterday's Tomorrows By Corey K. Cotta Review

By Corey K. Cotta
Published by IUniverse
ISBN: 9780595422142
Review Posted: 9/3/2009

The story starts with Conrad Bishop who takes a vacation with his girlfriend Amber. However, all is not well. What is thought to be a sudden terriost started outbreak of a virus spreads through the country. His girlfriend Amber being one of the victims, Alone and fearful, Conrad still manages to move forward, finding his way around death and just trying to survive.

When first reading this, one may think ‘oh no, not another end of the world story’, but and there is a but, though the story is hard to read in the first few pages, it picks up with a blast. Cotta moves with ease explaining how Conrad and the group of people he ends up meeting survive, struggle through any differences and start to just understand what it means to be alive.

The amount of fear, warmth, and understanding these characters have with each other is amazing and this shows through what Cotta does. He writes with such passion about all of them and their strong wiliness to survive in their now own formed community.

What was the best thing about this book was that you felt the need to help these people, be with these people and just want to understand why.

Recommending this book is not enough, but saying you need to have this as part of your collection and read it, not once, but over and over again.