July 16, 2010

Legacy of the Ripper by Brian L. Porter Review

By Brian L. Porter
Published by Double Dragon Publishing
ISBN: 978-1554046904
Review Posted: 9/15/2009

Legacy of the Ripper by Brian L. Porter starts with the story of Jack Reid the nephew of Robert Reid who upon Robert’s death has inherited the mysterious ‘Jack the Ripper’ journal.

Jack starts to show disturbing actions as a child, which was thought to be taken care of. As he got older his personality changed and all was well, for a little while; that was until he read the journal.

Murders were being committed and they were similar to Jack the Ripper’s. Could Jack have been the person behind these murders? Could the journal have swept him up into a life of crime and deceit?

Porter leaves the reader hanging to each and every word on the page. The reader will get wrapped in, absorbed into the story of how Jack Reid is part of this. The rich details lead the reader on a wonderful chase of time and adventure through the 1800’s and the present time in the book.

There is no doubt that Porter has brought about a sequel to A Study in Red that is not only intriguing, even for those that don’t study Jack the Ripper history, but a tale that makes you yearn to find out did Jack really do these awful things, or has The Ripper came back to commit again?

The book tends to jump around in places giving different perspectives from some of the characters. However, this does not hinder the story, but it helps to enlighten the reader, see through the eyes of the character and participate in a story like no other.

A fascinating, brilliant story by one of the best writers out there. It is worth not only buying, but remembering what a good story really looks like.

Go to Amazon and pick this up now! You never know what lurks in the shadows.