July 16, 2010

Wolves of War Edited by Eric S. Brown Review

Edited By Eric S Brown
Library of Horror Press
ISBN: 9781449573669
Review Posted: 12/01/2009
Review done by Rob Walter

Wolves of War is an anthology of Werewolf stories compiled and edited by noted Zombie Author Eric S. Brown and published by Library of Horror Press. While Eric is known for his love of the Zombie Horror genre he does an excellent job compiling and editing this collection. He states in his intro that his inspiration for creating this anthology was the movie Dog Soldiers, a standard I believe he has met or even exceeded. Combining the horror genre, werewolves and war resulted in some very interesting and unique stories.

The cover art by Jodi Lee definitely captures the essence of the collection. It shows a werewolf under a Full Moon with an ammunition belt wrapped around it holding an automatic belt-fed rifle on the front cover and on the back the same werewolf, but now standing on a human body. It definitely gives a visceral feel of the collection of stories within.

The authors of the stories for this anthology include: A.P. Fuchs, David Dunwoody, Derek J. Goodman, Anthony Giangregorio, Grayson Moran, Casey Quinn, Rhiannon Frater, Franklin E. Wales, John Grover, Timothy Long, Alan Mendoza, T. Patrick Rooney, Dylan J. Morgan, John McCuaig, Thom Brannan & Victorya, Tim Curran and Lee Pletzers.

This anthology brings a new slant on the werewolf which has not seen the popularity of the rest of the horror genre of late. I believe this is a good start to re-invigorating the werewolf within the horror genre.

The stories included in this anthology range from the basic werewolf to apocalypse, running wild on a navy ship, in space etc. With my background in the Navy, “Adrift: A Werewolf Tale”, the werewolf on a navy ship, was one of my favorite stories in the collection. I can’t tell you how many times I would have loved to do some of what happens in that story. I don’t want to spoil your fun in reading the anthology, but suffice it to say the stories are well written and edited and really take the reader to new places in horror. The ideas represented by the stories are very original, definitely bloody and gory, and move the werewolf from the old days into the modern and future times and settings with an alarmingly scary degree of realism.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Wolves of War and strongly recommend that you go out and get yourself a copy. If you like horror you will love this anthology.