July 16, 2010

Monster by A. Lee Martinez Review

A. Lee Martinez
Published by Orbit Books
ISBN: 978-0-316-04126-3
Review Posted: 7/19/2009

Humor and Horror, can it be? It can be with A. Lee Martinez writing it. Monster is a book filled with humor, monsters and some action.

The story starts out with Monster who runs a pest control agency. However, the agency is not simple bug control; monster control is what they specialize in.

A food store has a monster attacking it's stock of food. Monster is called in. He meets Judy who works there and from that point on the two are put together in the world's chaos.

Martinez writes in such a way that laughter always follow. The story drives one to insanity with humor. It is well worth the reading experience. This is a book that is part of the ones that sometimes are forgotten because 'Horror' is not supposed to have humor. Well, they are wronng and one should run out and get this book.