July 16, 2010

PayPhone by Brandon Ford Review

Brandon Ford
Artic Wolf Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9841233-2-2
Review Posted: 4/4/2010

Jake was down on his luck. He lived in a run downed apartment, had no job and had Susan who constantly told him what to do, yet at times enjoyed her company.

His addiction was the only thing that kept him strong. His addiction was killing; the weapon of choice, a pay phone which drew his victims to his inner most demons, up to his apartment where he killed them. Sometimes his wants were overshadowed by the fear of the women and he would loose them to the streets.

One day, he calls the phone and a woman answers. He sees her across his apartment. She is not like the others. She is like Susan; her name, Chelsea, a wannabe actress. She talks to him and he invites her up, she refuses, but the thought of her doesn't leave his mind and strangely enough hers either.

Could that call give Jake the ultimate feed to his addiction or will Chelsea go away and leave Jake finding someone else to feed his needs.

Pay Phone by Brandon Ford is a spine-chilling story that sucks the reader in and traps them, but they don't want to get out. A pleasant, yet disturbing reading experience, one feels that you are living every moment of Jake's terror. His thoughts become your own as you walk down his path of terror. Ford takes what horror and suspense can be, mixes a bit of thriller action into it and you have yourself a priceless book.

Just make sure if you want to answer a Pay Phone, you may want to rethink that.