July 16, 2010

Creeping Shadows by Alan Draven, Bradon Ford and Jessica Lynne Gardner Review

By Alan Draven, Bradon Ford and Jessica Lynne Gardner
Published by Pixie Dust Production
ISBN: 9780981021317
Review Posted: 10/04/2009

Creeping Shadows is a collection by not one, but three authors’ novellas. Each story unquie in itself and together makes an enjoyable scare fest. Thrilling to the end each novella discusses fears we have within, things that make us think and history rich details that make us feel we are back in that time period.Who would have thought such a collection of talent could be brought together. Each story a gripping taste of horror. Each story making you beg for more.

It all begins with Alan Draven’s story Vengeance is Mine. Now for anyone interested in Jack the Ripper lore, this story is certainly for you. You go back in time to the Ripper Murders. You see the streets, smell the smells and feel the footsteps of the people walking on the streets. Darkness creeps in and you have who becomes Jack the Ripper. Victims are present, the murders try to be solved, yet one victim is not satisfied on being dead.

This story brings you back to that time period. The history makes you feel as if you are watching it unfold right in front of you. Once more, there is a twist. A wonderful twist at the end that makes you feel that maybe if this happened just like this…what if?

The next novella in this collection is by Bradon Ford. Ford is known for two other books, Splattered Beauty and Crystal Bay. The story of Merciless takes the reader into the lives of two teenage girls. Each dealing with their own troubles. A madman bent on disturbing their already stressful lives comes into their world. This is a story of survival and inner strength.

No one can tell a story better than Ford in describing what each of us are willing to do in a life and death situation. He shows the strength and heart of each character. He allows you inside the mad man’s head to see why he feels the need to do just what he does.

The last story of this collection is by Jessica Lynne Gardner and it’s called Sugar Skull. Allow us to take you to a curse that has been brought on by a family, one that brings forward a woman, a detective, and others to fight for their survival. How do you survive something you can’t seem to fight?

Gardner proves that an author can show the reader the depth of a character. The emotions, the struggles of what could have been, what should have been and what is now. Each word is filled with hints and clues of what will happen next, what the character will feel. She allows you to want to help these characters, experience their pain and fear, making sure they make it through.

This collection is of three great authors with three amazing novellas. It may not be for the faint of heart, but just for a moment why not take the chance? Go out and get Creeping Shadows. Who knows maybe you will find your lost horror.