July 16, 2010

Empire by David Dunwoody Review

David Dunwoody
Published by Permuted Press
ISBN: 978-1-934861-02-8
Review Posted: 8/27/2009

Empire, the name itself leads one to think in the terms of vastness. And frankly they would be correct. Empire written by David Dunwoody and published by Permuted Press, shows just that, a vastness of ideas.

One may go, "oh it's just another zombie story", however, it's not. The idea Dunwoody came up with is not just to have zombies munching on people, but what if Death came about and didn't want people dying that way, as if to think perhaps they were being taken away from him?

There are of course the scenarios where people are trying to stay alive; get eaten and well you know what happens if they are bitten by a zombie. But Dunwoody puts that extra twist on the zombie lore making this book exciting and new. The conflict is not only with the humans, but with Death and the zombies, stretching the reader's view so far out there.

There are parts of this book that do sadly drag a bit. But don't stop reading because of that, keep going. If you don't you will miss out on one of the best tales told of Zombies since Eric S Brown released his last book. You can find Empire at your local Borders, or online at