July 16, 2010

Bigfoot War by Eric S. Brown Review

Eric S. Brown
Coscom Entertainment
ISBN: 978-1926712437
Review Posted: 5/11/2010

Jeff has always watched his younger brother Scott while his father was occupied with other things; then came the terrible day that a drastic event would take Scott and Jeff's father away from him. A creature of enormous size, hairy and only thought to be a legend.

That was twenty years ago. Now Jeff has come back to Babble Creek, the place that had called him crazy so long ago. He came back to take care of this creature that took his father, his brother. Jeff enlists the help of a local coach named Tom to destroy this creature.

Is the creature real or will Babble Creek once again label Jeff as crazy?

Eric S. Brown has once again woven a tale of Horror, intrigue and a non-stop thriller questioning our beliefs in this legend. We fall in love with the character of Jeff, marvel at the characters of Babble Creek and wonder what will happen next.

Bigfoot War is one of Brown's finest works. Know normally for his tales of zombies, he shows us not only can he write about something that does not involve the undead walking, but something that grabs at the meat of your being, shakes you until you have no choice but to finish this fine piece of work.