July 16, 2010

Season of Rot by Eric S. Brown Review

Season of Rot
Eric S. Brown
Published by Permuted Press
ISBN: 978-1-934861-22-6
Review Posted: 7/14/2009

When you think of zombies, a name that always comes up is Eric S. Brown. Why is that? Well, because he excels at the writing of zombie stories and Season of Rot is no different. Inside these pages, are zombie tales that fill you with thought, fear and some of that ole’ time zombie action you’ve grown to love.

There are five novellas put together in this collection: “Season of Rot”, “The Queen”, “The Wave”, “Dead West”, and “Rats”. Each story shows zombies in a different way. The one novella that stands out the most in this collection is “Dead West.”

“Dead West” is a story that takes place a little after the Civil War. However, the war that now exists deals with Zombies against humans. All the imagery, the details are brilliantly mastered in this story and well researched. The tales takes you back to that time period and into a place that only the imagination of Brown call allow you to be.

Is there anything that is bad about this collection? Only that a thirst for Brown’s zombies tales will want you yelling for more.

You can purchase Season of Rot by Eric S. Brown either on or going through Permuted Press’s site.