July 16, 2010

The Occult Files of Albert Taylor by Derek Muk Review

By Derek Muk
Impact Books
ISBN: 978-1449541958
Review Posted: 01/25/2010

The Occult Files of Albert Taylor by Derek Muk brings the character of Albert Taylor who is an anthropology professor that investigates paranormal activity and cases that all supernatural activities. Known for his magazine, The Occult Files, people track him down for help in cases no one else would believe. His cases involve researching Jack the Ripper, Bigfoot and so much more.

Muk Brings each of the 11 stories into separate cases; yes 11 different cases involving Taylor and some supernatural creature or event. What is special about this book is that Muk allows the reader to be able to look inside the characters, feel there struggles with their beliefs on whether or not certain things exist.

This book has come out at a time when paranormal movies and books are bringing back the unknown. The characters breathe life into the detective type story that thrills any reader. The search, the finding, the research all explained in detail with these stories. One could never quite get their fill of Albert Taylor.

Is there one thing bad about this book? Yes. It ends too short. Reading these stories makes a person want more, turning to the last page of the last story makes the reader feel hungry. Perhaps one day we can hope to see more of Albert Taylor in future stories or perhaps a television series.